Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition 1.2V MD GAME

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  • Main features of this game:
  • Every graphic made by PROBE Software was completely changed or improved by Master Linkuei, Chev Chelios and Danilo Dias to look more accurate.
  • New animations for the Courtyard (monks and tsung), Palace Gates (Flame), Warrior’s Shrine (Flame during Ermac fight) and Throne Room (Shang Tsung head + Shang Tsung clap).
  • Added +80 sound samples from the Arcade
  • Improved gameplay removing delays and improving the whole timing.
  • Option to change between original Music order or a more accurate one.
  • Improved Kano, Rayden, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and Scorpion at the character selection screen in order to get closer to the arcade.
  • Reduce the “greeness” of the Goro’s Lair new parallax.
  • Fixed Johnny Cage skin colors.
  • Fixed Scorpion eyes on the mini avatar.
  • Reworked Scorpion/Sub-Zero head on victory standing.
  • Reworked Sub-Zero sprites on victory standing.
  • Reworked Sub-Zero stance animation.
  • Fixed Sub-Zero walking animation.
  • Removed red border line from Sonya hair and shoes.

And MUCH more…



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