Ultimate MK3 Arcade - MD update Version 0.7

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Ultimate MK3 Arcade The hack Version 0.71

 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the Mega Drive. It attempts to bring the Mega Drive port of UMK3 closer to the arcade. This means including cutscenes from the arcade and bringing back Sheeva, whom was cut from the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo ports of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. There is also a moves list added to the Secrets cheat menu. When bosses are enabled they are playable on 1 player mode via secret character boxes which can be found by moving off the character grid. Secret characters are Human Smoke, Chameleon, and the two bosses are also selectable. There is an option to change the frequency of the game to optimise gameplay for either 50Hz or 60Hz fully supporting your NTSC North American SEGA Genesis running at 60Hz or your PAL European SEGA Mega Drive running at 50Hz, you're fully supported no matter where you are in the world, something every hack should have wouldn't you agree? Some levels that were cut were also restored, such as the graveyard.


1. It works  ONLY on a real Sega Mega Drive/Genesis system 

2. If you have a Mega-CD/Sega-CD attachment, disconnect your attachment in order for the CART to play.

3. It plays on both PAL and NTSC systems and you can change the frequency refresh rate in the options to match your console - 50Hz or 60Hz etc.

4. It won't work on Kega Fusion, Regen or Gens Plus emulators  AND ALL CONSOLE EMULATION  


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