BS The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets SNES Game USA/CANADA Version

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BS The Legend of Zelda Ancient Stone Tablets Cartridge 


The events of Ancient Stone Tablets occur a mere six years after the destruction of Ganon by the hero, Link in A Link to the Past. The character avatar from the distant Town Whose Name Has Been Stolen enters a mysterious-looking Fortune Teller's house that has appeared in the town. Finding only a magical golden bee, the avatar follows after it and enters the back of the house where strong magic transports the youth to the Land of Hyrule.

Hyrule is enjoying a time of peace and tranquility, but Princess Zelda suffers from a dark, recurring dream showing a shadow over a temple; a premonition of evil to come. One day, she witnesses a mysterious and brilliant light in the sky to the east. Aginah, the younger brother of the wise man Sahasrahla and now living in his old hideout near the Eastern Palace also witnesses such a light, and travels to investigate. There he finds the youth lying on the ground. Zelda, also following the light, meets up with Aginah, and they both carry the child to rest in Sahasrahla's hideout. Confused by the youth's unusual clothes, they believe the child not to hail from Kakariko Village. Speaking to Aginah while the youngster sleeps, Zelda learns that his brother Sahasrahla had also sensed danger surrounding Hyrule and had left the land to find the hero, Link. While Link has not yet returned, Zelda senses that if this new youth was endowed with courage, he or she may be the Hero of Light.


The game is Tested , cleaned and works very well
The game have USA/Canada version .
Save Function yes special ship do not need battery
NTSC system


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