Wario Land 4 - Burning Nightmares Cartridge Hack of Wario Land 4

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Wario Land 4 - Burning Nightmares” is a single level ROM Hack of Wario Land 4.

This hack features a very big and long new level in the style of the original Wario Land titles (2, 3 and 4).

The stage is the result of months of work and showcases some of the things, which are possible with the current Wario Land 4 Editor and some other tools. This is the authors entry into Wario Land 4 hacking and was created as a means to get their feet wet in this area.


  • Players can play the stage on 3 difficulties: NORMAL, HARD and S-HARD¹
  • The frog switch timer is not giving the player a grace period. When time is up, players will get thrown out the level, so they need to make haste.
  • 4 Puzzle pieces, one CD, Keyzer and 10 diamonds wait for the player to be discovered on each difficulty.
  • Lots of surprises and fan service like music and set pieces resembling various Wario or “Wario related” titles! Some more obscure, others pretty well known!
  • Vanilla game experience is not required, but recommended!

¹ Please be aware as in the nature of the vanilla game, the stage is very difficult on S-HARD mode. It’s not recommended to play on S-Hard without having played the level at least on the lower difficulties! Expect this one to be especially rough! In case it proves to be too difficult on a single playthrough, consider breaking it into multiple runs to collect everything!

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