Super Spamton 64  Video Game Cartridge

Super Spamton 64 Video Game Cartridge

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Super Spamton 64 plays the same as Super Mario 64, except that Mario is replaced as the game's player character by Spamton. Spamton shares the same abilities and transformations as Mario, but has his own voice clips.

The full version of the mod contains extensive visual and audio changes, including altered text and a fully-remixed soundtrack. Spamton transforms into Spamton NEO for the final boss fight against Bowser.

The mod has separate versions for the original Nintendo 64 version of the game and the fanmade PC port, with the PC port allowing for several additional variations of Spamton to be installed in place of his regular appearance.. The initial release contained two costumes; representing him in the backstory of Deltarune, and him as a regular Addison. The full version added additional costumes of Spamton wearing the Mannequin dress, Spamton dressed as Ralsei, Spamton wearing swimming trunks, Spamton dressed as Mario, Spamton with flat shading, and Spamton permanently as Spamton NEO. The game files additionally contains a rigged model of Spamton.




Tested , cleaned and works very well
The game have USA version .
NTSC system


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