Super Metroid Nature

Super Metroid Nature Snes Cartridge

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Super Metroid Nature

This hack is really good. It keeps the feel of vanilla with unchanged physics and mostly similar tiles, but it freshens it up with new palettes, music, and a whole pile of beautiful looking rooms to explore. This hack looks amazing, but it also plays very well. I had fun wandering around, sequence breaking, and seeing how well designed parts of this hack are. You never feel like you're being forced the way you're supposed to go. It's very open and fun to explore. I had a few annoyances along the way, but nothing made me want to stop playing the hack because a lot of it was me sequence breaking and trying too hard to get where I'm not supposed to go. The hack allows for it, but it won't always be easy, and that's good. This is a joy to play. 10/10 would recommend. Give this hack a run through. You won't regret it.

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