Super Metroid Containment Chamber

Super Metroid Containment Chamber SNES

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Super Metroid Containment Chamber

-This is a puzzle hack, You can not proceed without finishing the next puzzle,There is no hidden items and no hidden path.

-All the mechanic used are native to the original engine.

-If at any point you think you forgot something and need to go back you are misunderstanding the hack.

-The hack is not meant to kill you, Recharge stations and saves are plenty full.

-Even if you believe this hack is too technical for you, it is good to go through the hack, it will teach you new things about the Super Metroid engine.

-If you get stuck and don't know what to do look at the readme/hint file. It contains hints and video links to the solutions.


Hack designed by Lioran


As an experienced player and someone with a pretty strong grasp of SM’s mechanics, this is one of the most fun hacks that I’ve ever played. Each room is a puzzle that requires outside-the-box thinking and/or a fairly high-level of both understanding and executing mechanics that wouldn’t normally be used in a playthrough or speedrun. It’s full of challenging and highly rewarding puzzles accompanied by a remixed soundtrack that enhances the feeling of experiencing something new.. If you’re well-versed in the game, this hack lets you utilize some of the deeper knowledge you’ve acquired along the way. If you’re a beginner, Containment Chamber is a great opportunity to explore some of the depth that SM has to offer that would otherwise be strictly novel in its nature. Either way, I would absolutely recommend this hack to anyone who has done any speedrunning or played around with some of the more advanced tech. Truly one of the best. 9.5/10

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