Super Metroid: Arrival

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Arrival is Samus's last stand against the Federal Government and the planet SR-319. This is where the Metroids once inhabited, until they became "extinct". Though, as Samus dives deep into the planet to seek safety, she finds that not all is as it seems.

Enemies get Stronger.
The World is Creepier.
Life is Tougher.


This is a Hack created by Jefe962. Named Super Metroid Arrival, it includes a Physics overhaul, Strange new Palettes, Different Tilesets, Interesting Chozo Key schematics, and loads more!


100% includes:

100 Missiles
20 Super Missiles
30 Power Bombs
6 E-Tanks
4 Chozo Keys (Reserve Tanks)
Beams: Charge, Spazer, Wave, Ice, Plasma - And the all new Spazer/Plasma by JAM! (Not a Separate Item, however.)
Suits: Varia and Gravity
Suit items: Morph, Bombs, Spring Ball, Screw Attack
Boot items: Wall-Jump, Hi-Jump, Speed Booster, Space Jump