Super Metroid Arcade : Endless mode

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King Of Kraid

It is the year 1980, this ground breaking arcade called Super Metroid just
came out. Quarters are being tossed around like pebbles at this hot new game.
Bad Atari ports are being made in an attempt to cash in on its success.
The race is on for who can get the highest score. It is you, the player
who has a chance to become the new Billy Mitchel!

- When you enter a door it will put out in a random room and lock the door behind you to either force you to complete the room or pick up an item.
- Enemy Damage increases over time.
- Space jump, Gravity, Screw attack, Plasma are temporary, they disappear after a certain amount of time(visual timer gauge on the hud).
- Mother brain doesn't trigger the ending sequence instead its just a normal boss, the rainbow beam phase is skipped so you don't need 300 hp to beat mother brain.
- Achievements system. get reward for performing various speed trick or doing weird out of place stuff.
- Score system for the amount of rooms and points when killing monster or completing achievements
- difficulty selection
- Time attack mode, Start with a set amount of time, gain time by racking up points or taking no damage on bosses
- Leader board at (Is down sometimes)

You should never get a room that you can not complete,
A trick you will need for this hack.

Check the read me for more info on difficulty,leaderboard and modes.