Super Metroid Ancient Chozo 1.1.5 SNES

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Super Metroid Ancient Chozo  1.1.5 SNES

Game Description:
Ancient Chozo is an expansion of the original Game that contains the original Super Metroid Map with extra rooms and areas locations, plus new routes to find.
It has new GFX in most of the areas and new palettes, Ancient Chozo based on Project Base Hack but it’s not the same. It has new color palette for the entire game, and more places to explore! The new routes makes the game more interesting. My intention is to keep the original route of Vanilla, but players with good skills can break the Game Sequence. Ancient Chozo Hack focused on Explorations and most of the original items locations has been changed!
There’s a lot new secrets to discover, no longer have the help of the X-Ray vision, players can explore and feel curious how to find new ways and upgrades to make the adventure even more enjoyable.
   .  new and the best quality.(HomebrewTested , cleaned and works very well
  • The game have  USA version .
  • NTSC system
  • save function:yes

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