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"Il Maniero Spettrale" was originally made for the Halloween Level Design Contest (HLDC) 2014, in which it won first place. It's a single large level with a "Metroidvania" structure, inspired by the likes of Luigi's Mansion, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Banjo-Kazooie. The goal is to find the souls of the adventurers who visited the manor, and lead them to their eternal rest. For Halloween 2018 we decided to update it and release it as a standalone hack, in order to make it more accessible to new players. There are several small improvements and fixes over the original and some rooms have been redesigned.

- There are no jump scares.
- The length is ~20-30 minutes on a blind playthrough.
- Original soundtrack by RednGreen.
- It's available in English and Italian.

We hope you enjoy. Happy Halloween!

Update (10/31/18, 4:35 PM CET):
- Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to farm infinite souls in the Mirror room.
- Fixed an oversight in the map.
- An object in the Engine room was raised by one tile.