Super Mario World 3: The Koopas Strike Back SNES VIDEO GAME US/VERSION

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Super Mario World 3: The Koopas Strike Back


This game is a sequel to the original Super Mario World,
playing like a traditional Mario game mixing action with
platforming, along with some fun gimmicks and puzzles!

This Demo is features:
- Worlds 1-4 (26 stages!)
- Vanilla graphics
- New enemies
- ASM for creative level design
- Custom music for more atmosphere
- Auto-save feature, no need for save-states

Version 1.06 Changes:
- Added the rest of World 4
- New enemies, including Ice Bros. and Sleepy Goombas
- Ice blocks added throughout World 4
- Green Fields: removed secret exit, reduced enemy spam
- Green Hills: secret exit no longer requires yellow switch
- Morton's Tower: completing this stage now leads to World 3
- Red Pipe Network: complete overhaul
- Red Switch Palace: complete overhaul
- Lemmy's Tower: reduced stage length, Kamek is not invincible here
- Mountain Cliffside: removed auto-scroll
- Removed message blocks explaining basic SMW gameplay
- Custom palette revisions
- Various stage edits and fixes

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