Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure Cartridge

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Super Mario Bros. Peach's Adventure

After a long, hard fall, Princess Peach finds herself knocked unconscious, far away from her castle. Toad finds Peach near his house, and takes her in to allow her to recover. Upon waking up, Peach thanks Toad, and starts heading back to her castle, only to find that King Koopa has taken it over! Worried, Peach runs to Mario's house, to find that Koopa has taken Mario as well! Peach, not willing to let this stand, sets out to rescue Mario, get her castle back, and stop Koopa once and for all!


 - Save Function:Yes
 - The game have USA version .
 - Best quality. we Test before shipping , cleaned and works very well
 - NTSC system 
  -v1.1 Patch latest version

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