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Super Little Miss A.D.D. World

Super Little Miss A.D.D. World is designed to teach basic fundamentals of Super Mario World to a relatively inexperienced player. This hack is dedicated to my daughter who would play Vanilla with me, but could only play Yoshi's Island 1, Yoshi's Island 2, and Star Road 2. There's no chocolate. However there are memes, jokes, emotes, tributes, some light-hearted trolling, and even a puzzle. There's also guest levels coming from some incredibly talented individuals, including 2 from Little Miss A.D.D. herself!

The design is to be a teaching hack, while not appearing to be a teaching hack, and can be played as a beginner alone, played together with a friend, or even as an experienced player looking for some lighthearted fun. This hack has 5 main levels, each focusing on teaching differing skills with a goal of preparing a player for Vanilla SMW or most easy to normal hacks. "Home" teaches basic fundamentals such as moving, running, jumping, carrying items, switches, and simple problem solving. "The Underground" adds skills such as enemy behavior, simple platforming, Yoshi ditching, and boss fights. "The Sky" teaches all about simple cape mechanics and other methods of flying. "The Forest" teaches simple puzzles, types of level design, and autoscrollers. "The End" is an ultimate test of all the skills taught.

Each of the first 4 levels contain hidden exits to "The Fun Islands", which are fun levels designed to reinforce various skills taught.

If you can find it, there's also a 6 exit mini Kaizo: Intermediate hack hidden within. Each level is based off of a memory I have with various streamers that I consider friends, and this is dedicated to them.

75 exits, 47 moons/coins = 100%
83 exits, 47 moons/coins = 111%


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