SMW The Princess Rescue 3 - The Turnabout-SNES CARTRIDGE US VERSION

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SMW The Princess Rescue 3 - The Turnabout

After their Previous adventures Mario and Luigi went on a honeymoon with their beloved Princesses however Bowser and Tatanga are back to take their revenge sooner than expect, they formed an alliance and release a sudden Kidnap attempt on the Princess, taking both Mario and Luigi by surprised, while our Plumbers manage to protect their ladies both got captured by Bowser and Tatanga instead.
Now with the roles being reversed Peach and Daisy will go on an adventure to save their beloved Plumbers.

In comparison to its predecessors, this hack is a much more ambitious project that aimed at offering brand new additions and improvements to the SMW gameplay.
Some of them being:
- Peach & Daisy exclusive habilities, like the float and charged jump first seen in SMB2 and later in smash ultimate for Daisy

- Several quality of life improvements:autosave, faster speed on the map, faster speed underwater, indicators for collectibles collected, and much more

- New time attack challenge mode: collect the clock and race to the end of the level before time runs out to get a 3up moon, a brand new challenge that adds a bit of replay value to the hack for those interested.

- New powerup: The Pink Cape feather, a alternative version of the cape feather with diferent properties, it allows our Princesses to do double jumps in exchange for their charged jump habilities.

So, to sum this up, this hack has:
- 88 new levels with 120 exits to find
- Custom graphics (mostly similar or in SMW artstyle)
- Custom music
- Custom sprites and bosses
- A new powerup
- Lots of ASM
- English and Brazilian Portuguese localization
and more.

I hope you enjoy!

Tested , cleaned and works very well
The game have USA version .
Save Function yes battery
NTSC system


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