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Mario's Ruined Seclusion

Length: 31 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Mario’s Ruined Seclusion is a standard choco-nilla hack of normal difficulty. In this hack, you will explore 6 distinct worlds and 31 levels (+ a final boss) that each contain their own unique set pieces.

Mario and the Princess were having a picnic in the forest. While Mario went into the woods to pick some berries, Bowser crept in and snatched up the Princess! He has taken her to his brand new castle in the Defiled Isle, where she is being held hostage. It is up to the Mario Bros. to save the Princess yet again!

- 6 worlds with 31 exits.
- Levels that each introduce their own unique gimmicks, ideas, and set pieces.
- Custom music.
- A few custom graphics – Some made by me that are SMW-inspired, and some ripped from other SNES games.
- A minimalist HUD (DKCR Styled Sprite Status Bar by Ladida, lx5, and wye).
- Instead of having the same old castles at the end of each world, there are “final test” levels with varying themes.

I hope you enjoy my first ROM hack!

Tested , cleaned and works very well
The game have USA version .
Save Function yes battery
NTSC system


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