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Type: Standard: Normal
Description: After a year, I (Hammerer) am releasing my first completed hack called Mario Mania. Basically, this hack served as a test of what I could do with Super Mario World, in terms of hacking. I'm satisfied with the result, I think I've done things far beyond what I expected and even created some content, which I didn't expect.

"Mario is walking quietly when he comes across Iggy Koopa, planning to kidnap Princess Peach, his teacher (A Little Learning, episode from Super Mario World cartoon reference). Knowing the Koopaling's bad intentions, Mario tries to stop him.

- 16 levels and 15 exits;
- No overworld;
- The lx5's new powerups;
- Known themes from the Mario franchise;
- Assembly Language (ASM), HDMA, custom graphics; enemies; blocks, songs use;
- EN-US language;
- References and famous characters;
- Etc.

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