Luigi and the Final Year Snes Video Game Cartridge

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Luigi and the Final Year

"In the exotic archipelago named Wonderus, there is a story about 4 destructive beings called End Stallions, each one slumbering in its own End Ruins: War, Death, Famine and Pestilence. Once disturbed, these beings call for their master and then the last year of the world is declared.
Thinking there were hidden treasures in those End Ruins, one of Bowser's koopalings went to Wonderus after those said treasures, and ends up angering one of those beings, War, which triggers the Final Year.
Since Mario is busy with the Bowser himself, Luigi is sent to deal with the destructive End Stallions and stop the Final Year."

9/10 really great hack, pretty solid and had a lot of fun playing it. also, i really like the music that you used, 

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