BS Zelda Map 1 & 2

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BS Zelda Map 1 & 2 


Due to the game's original broadcast nature the game will always take 200 minutes to play from beginning to end. Because of this many players will find themselves with alot of extra time at the end of each Week. If you don't want to use this time you may go to your inventory screen and press L+R+Y+B at once to end the week. You'll see minutes fly by in seconds until the end of the week is reached. Also because of the long nature of the game you may wish to save your game in the middle of a week. At the Inventory screen press L+R+Up. You will hear a sound effect to confirm the data was saved. However if you have already defeated Ganon in the final week, saving is no longer possible. One final note, if you wish to reset your game with your controller, at the inventory screen press L+R+Start+Select.


 - The game have USA version .Reproduction
 - Best quality. we Test before shipping , cleaned and works  very well
 - NTSC system 
 -Save Battery : yes

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