Magical Pop'n (SNES) English *Cute fantasy platformer!* US Version

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This game follows the classic setup of any platform game, your character can jump, and slash with her sword in different directions (to the front, up, and if you're jumping, down). But it's not limited to that, there's an extra added in the form of special items you'll find through the levels, including grenades (can break some walls), ice (can turn off fires), a spin dash similar to Sonic's (can climb through walls) and others. The game is fast, your character responds to the controls perfectly, and they're very intuitive. The level design is nice, too, with some linear levels and other that require some exploration. They make you use the items you get in very creative ways. It can be difficult for beginners, so be advised. It's not impossible at all, just needs some work on your part. There are secrets added in the form of hearts, that you need to find, and will make your energy bar bigger (much like in the Zelda games)



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